Tumour in general refers to swelling in any part of body although practically it denominates a new mass that has formed. Tumours could be benign or malignant. A benign tumour by definition does not spread to other areas of body and may increase in size at its location only. Depending on its location, it may or may not cause symptoms. Asymptomatic benign tumours can even be left alone after proper assessment. Malignant tumour means it has potential to spread in body and may be life threatening, what is commonly referred to as cancer. Fortunately most of tumours of hand are benign in nature and treatment depends on the symptoms it causes. The most common tumour in hand is called "ganglion". It is a fluid filled balloon like structure that mostly forms on the top of wrist and may cause pain and unsightly appearance. Treatment, if needed is usually by operative means. Other unusal causes of tumour in hand include giant cell tumour of tendon sheath, fibroma, enchondroma etc. The video link demonstrates a rare type of benign tumour causing problems due to its critical location. Patient did well after operative excision of the tumour. 
The photos demonstrate another unusual but very troublesome benign tumor in finger known as ''Glomus tumour''. Although small this tumour is quite painful. After removal of tumour patient was symptom free and could start using hand normally within a week. 
Although rare, tumours in hand can be cancerous and it is recommended to see your doctor for examination. A timely treatment of even cancerous tumour can lead to gratifying results.
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