Fracture is break in continuity of bone. Most commonly this happens due to trauma although in certain diseases bone may break without any apparent trauma as well. Fractures of hand assume more significance due to importance of hand for vocational, daily activities and recreational use of hand. It is a challenging task for a surgeon to treat fractures of hand in a manner that movement of hand is minimally compromised finally and yet shape of bone should be restored to normal. Fortunately many fractures in hand can be treated without operation with good results. However in certain situations it becomes very important to perform an operation to achieve alignment of bone and prevent malunion [ misshaped bone leading to deformity] or nonunion [bone not healed]. It is best to consult a hand surgeon for assessment for treatment of a fracture in hand. In the following case there were multiple fractures in hand due to a severe road traffic accident which needed surgery for realignment of bones. The bones were fixed by a variety of techniques, whichever was most suitable for frature pattern. Patient had good result and returned back his work.
Fractures marked with arrowheads.
X ray picture immediately after surgery
X ray after 2 months
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